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Costain Limited - Felixstowe South Pavement Rehabilitation

Felixstowe Quay Side

Client: Costain Limited

Contract: Felixstowe South Pavement Rehabilitation

Scope of works: Replacement of existing block pavement with pavement quality concrete.

More information:

The Works entail the pavement rehabilitation at the Port of Felixstowe’s South Reconfiguration Phase 1. The works require the removal of part of the existing pavement (pavement blocks) and replacement with pavement quality concrete (PQC) of approximately 100,000m2. The works are to be constructed in 22 major phases with concurrent phases, over a 24 month programme to enable the live port to remain operational throughout the Contract.

Costain Limited - M54 J3 to J5


Client: Costain Limited

Contract: M54 J3 to J5

Scope of works: Repairs to concrete carriageway

More information:

Further to the completion of PQX concrete carriageway repairs on the M42 J3 to 4A we successfully negotiated a contract with Costain to complete a programme of repairs on the M54 J3 to J5. The works consist of replacing some 130no. (5.00 x 4.00m) bays over an 8 week period. All the works are to be completed at night. The poured concrete is of such a design to allow it to gain sufficient strength to permit the carriageway to be re-opened to the public within hours of completion.

C Spencer Limited

Gill Civil Engineering were employed to pave 76,000 square metres of concrete pavements upon which the large scale recycling of all elements of rail infrastructure were to be conducted.

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